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Our Background

            Audio Books

Sunset House Recording Studio has now moved into the arena of recording and producing Audio Books. Our team of expert recording engineers

and producers produce a product that is ready for worldwide distribution through the internets biggest audio production media Webb site.

Our most recent book was written and narrated at Sunset House Recording Studio by Dianne Patricia Capone the granddaughter and living relative of Al Capone. This is an enthralling audio book which tells the true, inside personal story of Al Capone and is a must listen for the avid audio book listener. You will not be disappointed.

Production Costs: 

 The cost of an audio book will be anywhere between $2,000 and $3,750 for a five-hour book. That breaks down to about $400 to $650 per finished hour of audiobook content.

Procedures involved in the recording process and production.

Editing the files to remove hesitations, hisses, pops, background noise.

  • mastering the audio files to professional standards

  • re-recording sections to fix mistakes

  • adding intro and outro music

  • delivering the final, high-quality audio files

If this is something that may interest, you please let me know.

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