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22nd Los Angeles Music Awards Jazz Artist of the year nomination

Heading 2

In 2009 Keith appeared on Good Day Sacramento. The show went out to 60,000 homes during the course of the morning which is Keith’s largest audience to date.


Keith can sing any genre of music, whether it be Jazz, Pop, Blue's,or Country.

Keith has a Jazz Album for sale on iTunes, entitled  "New Beginnings" which was mixed and mastered by Multi-Platinum record producer, Stuart Epps from Surrey, England. Stuart’s resume is outstanding, With notable clients such as  Sir Elton John, Sir Cliff Richards, Sir Paul McCartney, Chris Rea, Eric Frampton and Foreigner, to name but a few.  

Keith and Stuart Epps


In 2019, Keith and Co-Writer/ Partner Joni Westin, wrote a new song entitled "Heading Home”.

The music for this song was created and written by Butch Monserrat from Sydney Australia.

Music production for the song was performed at Keith's recording studio, Sunset House Recording Studio in Cool, CA.

The Story behind Heading Home...

My Co-writer Joni Westin and I wrote the lyrics to our new song, titled "Heading Home", two years ago. I had no idea, at that time, the huge impact it would have on the listener. The song seems to grab them immediately and draw the listener in to the story. Heading Home is a song everyone can relate to at some point in their lives.


Allow me to tell you the story and the birth of Heading Home. I had the good fortune of connecting with a very talented producer, writer and composer from Tasmania Australia.


His name is Butch Monserratt . Butch was seeking an artist to sing a song he had redone from the 60's. He had been looking for the right artist to cover his 60's remake a song called " In A Matter of Moments", which had been originally recorded by British singer Sir Cliff Richards.  Butch had searched throughout the internet for  to cover his new 60's remake. The song had originally been a ballad and Butch arranged the song with a Bossa Nova tempo which gave the song a whole new dimension.

I sent Butch a demo of my voice not thinking anything would become of it. Low and behold, he sent me word back from Sydney where he lived at the time, and said he would like me  to demo his new remake of "A Matter of Moments". He Liked what I had done. After many, many, many, changes  was reborn.


I recognized ,in Butch, a great talent in writing and arranging which made me think about the lyrics Joni and I had written for

  " Heading Home"  which at that time had no melody line.

I sent Butch the lyrics to "Heading Home" and asked him if he put a melody line to my lyrics. 

After much tweaking, Butch sent me the simple melody in piano form. I just fell in love with what he had sent and I then proceeded to record my vocals to his amazing melody.

Once this was done we thought we should go the extra mile and have the song orchestrated..

He recommended one of his top arrangers Michael Arpilleda to give it the complete orchestrate lift.

My lyrics, once Michael had given it the full orchestrated version, left an incredible imprint on the minds of the listener. The arrangement Michael produced was powerful and heart felt. Butches arrangement and Michaels skills of orchestration gave "Heading Home"   power and my voice was ideally suited to my new song. This arrangement allowed me to give one of the best performances to date.

Please feel free to send me any comments , they will be greatly appreciated.

Heading HomeKeith Williams
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