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The Maestro

The Maestro

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On July 27th 2022 Keith was asked by Hollywood producer, Jennifer Kramer, to appear in her new movie promo entitled "The Maestro". The promo tells the story of classical, composer, pianist, William Hyden of the 18th Century.



His life and times and works are shown in this movie and shows his genius as the greatest classical pianist of his time. From early child prodigy with an over bearing teacher/father Lenny Webb, played by Hollywood actor Freddy Stuart who thought he was going to be the greatest concert pianist of his time. He plays the part of young Hyden's teacher at the age of 7 years old when Hyden gave his first concert piano recital.







The story gives a very candid insight as to the young Hyden up to the present day when he, Keith that is, is being interviewed by  music critic Dee Dee Davis actress Elina Maddison who interviews The Maestro on his of his life, success, and times as s modern-day prodigy.

Keith Williams Film Room
Freddy Stuart as Lenny Webb

Actor Freddy Stuart as Lenny Webb

Elina Maddison as Dee Dee Davis

Actress Elina Maddison as star struck journalist Dee Dee Davis interviewing the Maestro.

Not only does Keith show his skills as an actor but in the promo  he shows his skills as a voice over artist during the promo.

Keith Williams with Jennifer Kramer
Jennifer Kramer

Producer Jennifer Kramer directing Keith on set during the filming of the Maestro.

Young Prodigy

The young prodigy Hayden at age 7 years old.

Show Reels

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