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Joan Westin, Producer, Manager.

Joan Westin, better known as Joni, is Keith's Manager, Producer, Writing partner and Fiancée. Together they have written over 10 songs to date and are still writing. Joni's talents are unsurmountable, she is not only a prolific writer but is also a producer and director in Community Theater. Her prowess whilst directing, is precise and heart felt. The stage productions she has produced and directed are classics. From Paint Your Wagon, Grease, Camelot, to Return to The Forbidden Planet. 


One of the songs Keith and Joni wrote, "Why Can't Christmas Be Here Every Day" is to be featured in an upcoming Christmas Movie entitled Hashtag Blessed. This song was also nominated for the Hollywood Music Awards as a result of this upcoming movie. 

The music for this song was composed and written by David Bruner an excellent musician and writer in his own right. Musical score was arranged and recorded and mastered   by Producer Marcus Barone who is also music supervisor to the stars, in the motion picture industry, and is located in Los Angelese California. 

Joni Westin is a true talent in every way who brings her heart and soul to the table in no matter what she does. 

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