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Tonite is Christmas Eve was written and conceived by Joni Westin, Keith's manager, writing partner, and Fiancé.  The idea originally came to Joni one morning at 3 am. She awakened Keith and by 8am that morning the lyrics were written.


Once the lyrics were written a melody had to be created. Joni had the vision to use the Bob Hope Classic Buttons and Bows tune as the melody for these new lyrics. After much research the new song Tonite Is Christmas Eve was copyrighted as a derivative works and viola "Tonite Is Christmas Eve" was born. 


The song itself encapsulates the true essence of Christmas through a child's eyes and is performed by Keith in that medium. His singing and acting skills come into play throughout this song and allows the listener to see the song though the eyes of a child.


The music was arranged by Kith's music producer and music supervisor Marcus Barone who wrote a testimonial on the song and Keith as an artist and performer.       



Tonite Is Christmas Eve can be found for download on over 50 music sites throughout the internet. 

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