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'Singer for all Occasions"

I entertain for special occasions such as weddings, parties, holidays, and special events. I perform live music for entertainment accompanied by great quality, professional backing tracks , a keyboard player, or a full band.


Whether you are looking for up front, stand out vocals to wow the crowd at a big celebration, or birthday bash, or you're in need of some ambient background music for a cocktail party or an after - dinner entertainment, I can deliver!


Looking for a charismatic performer who can sing? Want to be serenaded down the aisle on your big day, or create a mellow mood at a dinner or drinks reception? 


Whether you prefer classic "Pop", "Soul", "Motown", "Love Songs", "Piano ballads", "Dance Tunes" "Rock" "Jazz" or a bit of everything, I can deliver or as a manager of mine once said "Keith you can sing the telephone book!". I have these songs at my finger tips and the voice to match. 


There is NO question that having a live singer for all occasion, is much more exciting than just hiring a D.J.!   

Hiring a performer to sing for you on your big day is a unique and special way for you to start married life together and I will create memories you can both cherish forever.

I can also play pre-recorded music through the P.A. using a laptop. Either way , your guests can enjoy some back ground music during dinner or in between sets and this will work out cheaper for you. 

I will provide my own equipment, including instruments, microphones for the announcements, amplifiers, P.A. system with monitors, and a mixing desk and even basic stage lighting.

It usually takes me an hour to an hour and a half to unload, set up, and sound check equipment. The band, if required, will need a safe supply of electricity and power point sockets near the staging area.

I usually require a deposit of around 15% - 20% of the overall cost, in order to secure the booking. All major credit cards accepted.  

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